Custom Handmade Knives by Georgi Menchev


  • Cornel Bébié

    Dear Mr. Menchev,
    The knife has arrived today and in perfect shape. Due to your excellent protection, because the enveloppe has taken quite a beating.
    First impression : it's an awesome knife. Very powerful, same proportions as a classic puukko but a step above, because the ordinary puukko would be quite smaller.
    Beautiful hollow grind, for my great pleasure because, while I like the purity of the puukko pattern, the scandi grind doesn't do much for me. This is a knife I will use over and over with much pleasure.
    The blackwood handle deserves also all kind of praise : very dark, fine grained and beautifully figured. And I especially love the shape : directional (I can always feel how the blade is oriented) yet smooth and easy in the hand. And plenty of room for the hand...The fit in the sheath is as perfect as it gets, that's the cherry on the cake.
    And of course, the high polish of the blade is an absolute touch of class. D2 can be very sensitive to stains : when it's polished, it's so much easier to keep clean that this issue is eliminated.
    Many thanks for this beautiful piece ! I wish you all the success you deserve and will keep following you on BF.
    Best regards,
    Cornel Bébié

  • Jesper Romer

    Hi Georgi
    Knife arrived yesterday.
    Its is beautifully executed.
    I dont mind the slightly beefier handle; it offers a very good hand hold. It is a joy to hold.
    I can see, how you must have spend a long time finishing the handle - it looks great and the handle taper came out good. The different design elements, which make up the knife fits together well and makes for a truly pleasing looking knife.
    I was initially not super happy with the blade tip not being the same as on the Wirkkalla but the tip on the TW knife is very thin (for fine wood work/drilling presumably).
    The tip on your knife is far stronger.
    Bottom line; thanks for making me the knife, Im VERY pleased with it.
    Anyway, happy with the Puukko - I will recommend you heartedly - and I hope you will make me another knife at some point. I already have a bushcraft knife in mind (dont worry, it wont be as complicated as the Wirkkala inspired Puukko but a very simple tool, if you can be pursuaded to make me another knife;-) ).
    Jesper Romer

  • Elliot Rice

    Just arrived.
    Couldn't be happier mate
    An absolute masterpiece of knife making
    I will be using this and passing it on to my sonone day. It's that good mate!

  • Robert Friscia

    Yellow Wharncliffe
    "The yellow slip is by Georgi Menchev a Bulgarian craftsman.
    The Menchev is built like a tank."

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