Custom Handmade Knives by Georgi Menchev


Hello, my name is Georgi Menchev and i will tell you how my knifemaking journey began.

I was 16 when i found an old knife.
I wanted to make new handle and polish it litle bit, so i started reading about knives, how to make them, tools etc. I found a bulgarian forum in which a real craftsman was showing his work. His name was Peter Chobanov. I asked him few questions and he told me to meet infront of my school. Couple days later he showed up with a beautiful knife made from camile bone, buffalo horn and silver with engravment, real piece of art.

Almost every day after school i was in his workshop watching him making knives.I made the handle, but he ignited the spark. I started building my belt grinder and buying tools. After i made couple of handles, decided i want to make my blades also. So i bought more tools. Then leatherwork, more tools and so on. So 11 years later i have made more than 500 knives and keep going. If you want to see more of my work you can subscribe to my instagram where i constantly upload what i do.

Best regards Georgi Menchev



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